Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Download Hindi Songs | 13B (2009) [MP3]

Great time-pass movie directed by Vikram K kumar. It’s a interesting tale very well shown and fantastically led by Mahadevan. Songs of the movie are composed by Shankar, Ehsaan & Loy.

The film revolves around a tv program ‘sab khariyat hai’ which seems to govern everything that happens in the real life of Mahadevan's family. Overall a well done thriller spiced up with some suspense & a pinch of horror. Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy needs to be commended for putting in their best efforts in a relatively small film that does not boast an array of superstars.

Go for this movie & enjoy all the songs!

Download the album for 13B songs here!

Download or Listen to 13B Songs:

01 - Shankar Mahadevan - Sab Khairiyat Hai - LISTEN / DOWNLOAD
02 - Kartik - Bade Se Shehar Mein - LISTEN / DOWNLOAD
03 - Shankar Mahadevan & Chitra - Aasma Odh Kar - LISTEN / DOWNLOAD
04 - Baba Sehgal, Anushka Manchanda & Loy Mendonsa - Oh Sexy Mama - LISTEN / DOWNLOAD
05 - Shankar Mahadevan - Sab Khairiyat Hai (Remix) - LISTEN / DOWNLOAD
06 - Kartik - Bade Se Shehar Mein (Remix) - LISTEN / DOWNLOAD
07 - Shankar Mahadevan & Chitra - Aasma Odh Kar (Remix) - LISTEN / DOWNLOAD
08 - Baba Sehgal, Anushka Manchanda - Oh Sexy Mama (Remix) - LISTEN / DOWNLOAD
09 - Instrumental - Theme - LISTEN / DOWNLOAD

Friday, April 17, 2009

Download Hindi Songs | Firaaq (2009) [MP3]

Naseeruddin Shah , Shahana Goswami , Sanjay Suri , Tisca Chopra , Deepti Naval and Paresh Rawal .

Firaaq, an Urdu word that means both separation and quest is Nandita Das' directorial debut film that aims to hold mirror to today’s society.

The story is set over a 24-hour period, one month after a campaign that took place in Gujarat, India, in 2002. It traces the emotional journey of ordinary people - some who were victims, some perpetrators and some who chose to watch silently. As an ensemble film, it follows multiple narratives that are at some times interconnected and at times discreet, yet all are united by their spatial and emotional context. A middle-class housewife closes the door on a woman desperately seeking refuge, and then struggles to overcome her guilt. The loyalty of two best friends is challenged in times rife with fear and suspicion. A group of victimized young men seek revenge as a way out of their helplessness and anger.

A modern day Hindu-Muslim couple struggle between the survival instinct to hide their true identities and the desire to assert them. A boy having lost most of his family in the riots wanders through the streets searching for his missing father. A saintly musician clings on to his idealism until an evidence of civil strife shakes his faith. Through these characters we trace the ways in which violence impacts both inner and outer lives. Violence spares nobody. Yet in the midst of this madness, some find it in their hearts to sing hopeful songs for better times.

Here's the music - download for FREE:

Meri Gali Mein Andhera
Gujraat Ke Firaaq
Daag Daag Ujala
Firaaq Theme Song

Download movie Firaaq here:

1: Firaaq Part 1
2: Firaaq Part 2
3: Firaaq Part 3
4: Firaaq Part 4
5: Firaaq Part 5

Download movie Firaaq for your mobile here in 2 files:

Firaaq mobile movie (3GP) works on any mobile phone - good quality, each file only ~70 Mb!

Firaaq Mobile part 1
Firaaq Mobile part 2

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Download Hindi Songs | Ek: The Power Of One (2009) [MP3]

Another Bobby Deol (aka Nandu) thriller. Nana Patekar (aka Rana) saves the film with an as always brilliant performance.

"Ek – The Power of One” is a journey that one undertakes and learns the true meaning of life in an entertaining narrative encompassing various emotions that comprise life.

Apparently it is a copy of hit Telugu film called Athadu (of course inspired by the box office success of Ghajini!) but overall the movie seems to be a bit old-fashioned.

Music here:
Ek_the_power_of_one - 320Kbps
Zip File-320 Kbps-48.8 Mb

  • Sambhale
  • Sona Lagda
  • Tum Saath Ho
  • Bang Bang
  • Sona Lagda - Remix
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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Download Hindi Songs | Tasveer (2009) [MP3]

'8x10 Tasveer' is a Suspense-thriller gone wrong & seems like Aki (Akshay Kumar) is again out of luck! Oh Aki, how you miss Katrina ;)

It's the story about young man named Jai Puri, (Akshay Kumar), who possesses supernatural powers. Jai is of Indian origin who works as a forest ranger in Canada. His life is shattered by a loss of a very important person in his life. This personal tragedy leads him to use his unique supernatural power to unravel the mystery behind the murder.

For those who do want the music:

8x10 Tasveer - 320Kbps
Zip File--320 Kbps--77.8 Mb

8x10 Tasveer - 128Kbps
Zip File--128 Kbps--40.2 Mb

Download Hindi Songs | Aa Dekhen Zara (2009) [MP3]

‘Aa Dekhen Zara’ is a fast-paced, romantic musical thriller that promises some great edge-of-the-seat action. Neil Nitin Mukesh has done it again after a superb performance in Johny Gaddar! The film is worth watching & has some great numbers.

Bipasha Basu's worn some great attire & presents great stylish looks throughout the movie. The film’s cinematography is pretty tightbut action and stunts pretty average.

Overall some good timepass. Enjoy!

Download High Quality mp3 here:
(Direct MP3 Links - Right click and choose 'Save Target As')

Aa Dekhen Zara - 320Kbps
Zip File--320 Kbps--74.6 Mb

Aa Dekhen Zara - 128Kbps
Zip File--128 Kbps--37.5 Mb

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